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about  D.A.R.K.

I'm Brenda Piquette, a researcher, writer, and marketing and communications professional

I'm not a therapist or a counsellor or a health care worker - just a regular person who experiences anxiety and depression.

Over the years, I've heard many stories of people who lost their battle against the dark. Every single story breaks my heart. I've battled the dark and I know how hard it can be.

About 10 years ago, as a stressed working mom managing anxiety and depression, I decided that enough was enough. I wanted practical tools to help manage the symptoms. 

I wanted tools that were quick and easy. Tools that I could use anytime, anywhere, when I needed them.

I developed a self-directed healing approach called Small Scale, Daily Healing with techniques that are Practical, Adaptable and Compassionate. After years of using Small Scale, Daily Healing, I found that I was using the same techniques over and over to battle the darkest moments.

And it is a battle - every single time. The techniques on this website got me through those extremely difficult moments. I have no doubt that they contributed to saving my life and to helping me move forward.

I want to offer the tools that have helped me to others who might need them. You just never know what can help someone and make a difference.

To make it easier to share these techniques with others who have to battle the dark, I decided to create D.A.R.K. - Depression and Anxiety Recovery Kungfu

Don’t give up! You CAN fight the DARK!

Fight the DARK!