D.A.R.K. - Depression and Anxiety Recovery Kungfu is FREE and always will be FREE.


I want to make sure that every person who needs these techniques can access them.

D.A.R.K. offers another set of tools for your healing toolbox. D.A.R.K. tools are not meant to replace conventional healthcare.


D.A.R.K. Technique:

Open Your Heart 


When you Open Your Heart, it's easier to love, to forgive and to accept yourself and others. When our heart is open, it's easier to view the world more objectively, with less judgment.


When to Open Your Heart

Because it's so simple and can be done in a second, Open Your Heart is one of my go-to techniques for all things. 


You can Open Your Heart when:

  • You're angry, anxious, frustrated, pained or sad

  • You need to remember what's truly important

  • You feel negative about yourself or others

  • You're in the middle of or you finished an argument, heated discussion or uncomfortable interaction

  • You're experiencing a dark moment


During a dark or difficult moment,  it can be very, very hard to Open Your Heart - and that's okay. If it's hard, try starting with another technique like the Line of Calm or Connect in All Space. When you do Open Your Heart, only expand your circle as much as you can in that moment.  

How to Open Your Heart


1. In front of your chest, imagine a small green circle (or make it any colour you like).





2. Visualize that circle expanding until it's as wide as your body or as wide as is comfortable for you.









If you like, you can expand it until it surrounds your body.




3. Optional - If you like, say silently:

“I am loved unconditionally. I love unconditionally.” 



Once you've practiced Open Your Heart, you'll be able to visualize all the steps in seconds.


Helpful Hint:

If you need it really quickly in the moment, just visualize your circle expanding as wide as your body.

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