D.A.R.K. - Depression and Anxiety Recovery Kungfu is FREE and always will be FREE.


I want to make sure that every person who needs these techniques can access them.

D.A.R.K. offers another set of tools for your healing toolbox. D.A.R.K. tools are not meant to replace conventional healthcare.



The Line of Calm fills your body and being with calm from the beginning to the end - whatever that means for you. It can be the beginning and the end of your life, of this moment, of an event - whatever you need, it's up to you.


When to Use It

Because it's so simple and can be done in a second, the Line of Calm is my go-to technique for all things. It's the first technique I use when:

  • I'm feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful or pained

  • That negative voice starts 

  • It's difficult to concentrate or make a decision

D.A.R.K. Technique:

Line of Calm

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How to Do the Line of Calm


1. Your eyes can be open or closed. In front of you, imagine a straight horizontal line.


Make the line any colour you find calming.






2. Extend your Line of Calm all the way to the left to infinity as you say silently:


“I am calm from the beginning.” 






3. Extend your Line of Calm all the way to the right to infinity, as you say silently:


“I am calm to the end.”




4. Focus on the entire line. Say silently, “I am calm.” Let the calm spread to your entire being.


Once you've practiced the Line of Calm, you'll be able to visualize all the steps in seconds.


Helpful Hint:

If you need it really quickly in the moment, just visualize your entire Line of Calm and silently say "I am calm." 


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Helpful Hint:

If you don't feel calm by Step 4, keep focusing on your entire Line of Calm for a few seconds. Make sure your horizontal line is smooth, straight and quiet all the way to the left and all the way to the right.