D.A.R.K. - Depression and Anxiety Recovery Kungfu is FREE and always will be FREE.


I want to make sure that every person who needs these techniques can access them.

D.A.R.K. offers another set of tools for your healing toolbox. D.A.R.K. tools are not meant to replace conventional healthcare.


Learn how to fight the DARK!

When that happens, it can be hard to...

             talk back to that negative voice.

             to move.

             to think.

             to do anything.


But, with your kungfu, there are quick and simple tools you can use to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


You CAN fight the DARK!


These tools were developed and used by a regular person who battles the dark. 

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Depression and anxiety can lead to very dark moments. Sometimes, darkness blocks all the light in our world.

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